Fall setting with rake and leaves for yard waste disposal background

It’s that time of year again. Fall can necessitate a lot of outdoor work and a significant amount of yard waste disposal. When the leaves are piling up, the trees and bushes are overgrown, and the weeds are thriving, landscaping becomes hard work.

For large jobs, traditional means of disposal can slow you down. Breaking down and bending large limbs to fit in constraining yard bags can be cumbersome work. Even placing loose brush on the parkway can be problematic, causing the grass to die.

Here are five fast yard waste disposal tips that will simplify a large job, and make it more efficient.

Yard Waste Disposal Tips

Hire a Crew

Sometimes it’s just a matter of understanding what your time is worth to you. It may be more efficient to hire a crew to complete the work than to spend an entire weekend completing a project yourself.

Rent a Dumpster

How many bags would it take to trim the tree, or to cut back that line of bushes? Probably quite a few. When you rent a dumpster, it can be delivered so that you can complete the job on your schedule without loading your parkway and killing the grass. You’ll have one centralized place to throw the yard waste, and then it can be removed.

Use a Chipper

This might be a good strategy if you’re looking to turn tree branches and leaves into mulch. Make sure to exercise caution while operating a chipper, though.

Bring it to the Dump

If you have a pickup truck, you may simply be able to throw your waste in the back and take it straight to the dump. If the load gets too large, multiple trips can become time-consuming, however.

Know Your Local Ordinances

Before you take on a significant yard waste disposal job, make sure you understand what can and cannot be placed on the curb. Some cities and villages have allotted times when they pick up landscaping waste. It nearly always needs to be separated from other forms of waste.

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