various household items that were placed in multiple dumpsters

There are over 300,000 items in the average American home. It’s also the end of summer, and for much of us that means back yard, and home exterior renovation projects. If you have a large junk removal project at your home, there are some simple steps you can take to prepare.

Undertaking this type of project can seem overwhelming, but if you have the proper steps in front of you, simply taking them one at a time can make it much more manageable.

The Steps to Prepare for a Large Junk Removal Project

Locate, Organize and Isolate What Needs to Be Removed

Let’s take a house clean out as an example. The situation becomes easier when all the items to be disposed of are isolated in a pile. It’s easier when the junk that needs to be removed is in one central location versus scattered about the home or lawn.


Determine Your Best Methods For Disposal

Depending on the situation, you may have multiple removal methods in operation at once. You may be donating some items, selling some online, or at a garage sale. You may be throwing some out, or recycling some.

If your regular weekly garbage is a manageable solution, that’s great! If not, the next most cost-effective method for removal is to order a dumpster.


Operation: Clean Out

It’s time to rent a dumpster to haul the debris away. Contact us today for pricing on dumpsters and sizes available for rental. Not sure what size to order? Take a picture and email it to so we can help assess what size dumpster will fit your needs.

It’s always better to order a larger size, most customer order too small a container then have to re-order. Save time and money by going bigger.


Good luck with your large junk removal project!