Recycling sign surrounded by trash

The items we dispose of, and how we throw them away can have a tremendous impact on our environment. They can also pose a risk to the people who may come across them after you’ve disposed of them. That is why E&J Disposal goes to great lengths to be a responsible waste disposal company. What exactly does that mean?

The Three R’s Of A Responsible Waste Disposal Company


Our first priority for responsible waste disposal is reducing what ends up in a landfill. Banned items such as paints and electronics can be harmful to the environment when not disposed of in the right way.

E&J Disposal keeps these and other banned items from poisoning our environment. We only work with state-licensed transfer stations that share the same core values. Together, we eliminate countless tons of waste from being disposed of improperly.


We take great care to abide by the state regulations placed on the removal of harmful waste and other banned items. It’s not “out of sight out of mind” with this type of waste. The rules are in place to protect anyone who may come across these items after they land in the garbage, or in a dumpster.

Proper waste disposal is a responsibility. Customers must abide by EPA guidelines and not insert items that are not allowed. When in doubt, call our office.


We are extremely selective about the transfer stations that we use. Why? We only work with stations that are equipped to recycle the majority of the materials that we bring in. They are state-licensed and adhere to the latest standards, as well as finding innovative ways to recycle countless tons of waste.

For example, shingles are ground down to create new roads. Concrete is ground down to stone and used in construction products. Our transfer stations find ways to reuse everything from wood to old plastic toys, further reducing the amount of waste sent to the landfill.

Hire A Responsible Waste Disposal Company

At E&J Disposal, we rent three types of dumpsters: General/construction, landscape only, and clean concrete. Our FAQ page has a variety of questions that address what can and cannot be placed in them. In addition, there is a complete list of toxic gasses, electronics, and other items that pose a risk when they are disposed of. These items are not permitted in the dumpsters.

If you have questions about our waste disposal services or are looking to rent a container for your next project, contact us today!