Ever wonder why a dumpster rental company has to add on overweight charges?
Well this is how it works- all the waste that is put into dumpsters is brought to a dumpsite (landfill or a transfer station) and before entering the facility the loaded truck (truck itself and the dumpster with the contents in it) pulls on to a state regulated scale and the weight is entered into the computer. The truck then proceeds and dumps its contents and then proceeds back onto the scale and the weight (empty) is recorded on the computer and printed out on a dump ticket- the difference in the inbound weight and outbound weight is the total weight of the contents that was put into the dumpster.
Waste haulers pay by the pound to dump at facilities; so that is why when you rent them, your dumpsters most likely have a weight restriction on them. Most waste haulers have a set weight for each particular dumpster size they offer. For instance, a 10 yard dumpster could have a 2 ton weight limit – that means any weight associated with that particular dumpster must weigh 2 tons or less – if the weight is over 2 tons an additional charge (overweight charge) would be assessed.

Unsure what your weight limit is or what the right size dumpster is for your project? Give us a call! We’re always here to help.