What’s the deal with OVERWEIGHT CHARGES?

Frank Caligiuri /January 28, 2021

Ever wonder why a dumpster rental company has to add on overweight charges?Well this is how it works- all the waste that is put into dumpsters is brought to a dumpsite (landfill or a transfer station) and before entering the facility the loaded truck (truck itself and the dumpster with the contents in it) pulls Continue Reading

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How to Protect Your Driveway During a Dumpster Rental

Christine Watt /April 3, 2019

We commonly get asked: Will your dumpster damage my driveway? A number of factors go into this answer, and while it is unlikely that a dumpster will cause damage, it is very possible and for that reason we recommend practicing caution and protecting your driveway. Most dumpsters have steel wheels that can cause scratches or Continue Reading

New Year. New Projects.

Christine Watt /January 11, 2019

Is your New Year’s resolution a new home project? Now is a great time to use the motivation of the New Year and resolution making to tackle the project that’s been on your mind. A dumpster rental is the perfect helper for many different projects- most commonly used for clean-outs, moving, and renovations. Update your Continue Reading